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Where Every Flavor Tells a Story - Paddington's Culinary Retreat.

A boutique fusion British Grills & Subcontinental luxury dining experience bought to you by family run independent business.

A warm ambiance created by exquisite table settings, simple elegant décor, old style British music together with welcoming and accommodating staff. The restaurant is set across two floors with large windows facing small courtyard on the ground floor.

Contemporary cuisine celebrating the diverse regional tasting across the Subcontinent with a British twist. An extensive fine wine and drinks list covering flavours across the globe. Our ingredients and drinks are sourced from niche and organic suppliers.

Jamuna is an immaculate hidden gem enabling you to escape from the hustle and bustle of central London into serene habitat. Short walk away from Paddington,Marble Arch, Hyde Park, in Paddington. Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to dine on your own, enjoy the moment with business acquaintances, celebrate a special occasion, private dining or if you’re looking for a late-night luxury dining experience Jamuna is here to look after your requirements

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